My cute painted wooden chickens are beautiful ornaments all year round. I get inspiration from the chickens we used to have on our farm a few years ago. Hens are intelligent, beautiful and entertaining birds!

The large hens are available in several different natural colors. Sometimes I also paint a little more imaginative hens, like these fantastic blue, or with nice patterns! The hens are available in several sizes:

Large roosters are 33 cm high
Small roosters are 20 cm high
Large hens are 30 cm high
Small hens are 19 cm high
Mini hens are 15 cm high.

If you want hens in other colors - contact me and I will arrange it!

Click on the pictures for larger photos.

The hens are also available as candlesticks with two hens together that are 33 cm long, and four hens together that are 60 cm long. Both sizes are 20 cm high. I also paint large and small paintings with hens, and on the paintings the hens get their own unique names!